Thursday, 1 May 2014


I was contacted asking if I would like to try and as we occasionally eat a take away or 2 I said yes. I was sent a £15 voucher to enable us to try out the service.
The website is really easy to navigate and you simply put your post code in and it shows you a list of takeaways that are in your area. I was presented with a choice of 23 takeaway and thought oh great until I looked closer and realised I was limited on where I could use. As I was ordering via voucher I could only order from places that accept online payment. This limited my choice to only 5 takeaways, none of which we had used before. After some umming and arriving we settled on Super Pizza. The ordering process was really simple you choose what you want and add it to your basket. You have the option to register at the check out for future use which is handy. I them had to enter my voucher code and the order was completed. I got an email almost instantly saying my order was being processed.

Around 5 minutes after ordering my house phone rang and it was a representative who was ringing to tell me unfortunately my ordered couldn't be fulfilled as SuperPizza have no driver! I was a little gutted but impressed with how fast they let me know and the fact my voucher was re instated instantly.

So now my choice was of only 4 takeaways, I also noticed that Super Pizza was now listed as closed and you couldn't order from it. So 10/10 for for the quick update of their system. We decided to go for First Wok Chinese this tine. My £15 voucher got me

  • 1 portion of half egg fried rice half noodles
  • 1 large chips
  • 1 tub of sweet and sour sauce
  • 1 portion of fried rice chips and curry
  • 1 portion of boiler rice chips and curry
So I was able to feed 3 of us for £15, which was quite impressive. I received another order confirmation when the order went through and my food arrived hot and quickly 30 minutes later.
After your order is completed you have the option to tweet your meal and be in with a chance of winning a £10 voucher for your next meal!

We will definitely use again in the future, its easy to navigate and user friendly. If your paying cash there is much more options available.


  1. Sounds like a great site....I've just had a look and it needs more in my area though...There's only 3...Eek! x

  2. oooh yum! i'd love chinese food right now! just had a nosey at their website & we only have 4 options (with 2 being quite far away!) boo :(

  3. Stephanie Coals28 May 2014 01:47

    This website sounds easy to use and very handy for those lazy saturday nights - might have to give it a go myself!


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