Friday, 2 May 2014

Logan, Anxiety and the Dentist!

We have been preparing Logan for his trip to the dentist for the past 6 weeks. Its been marked on the calendar for him to see and his anxiety has been building! 
He doesn't have fond memories of the dentist as a visit when he was 3 ended with a trip to hospital for the extraction of 2 rotten teeth thanks to some horrible medicine a Doctor prescribed him. Even though he was only little the memory has stayed with him and the idea of dentists now makes him anxious.

He has been relatively calm all week and not mentioned much about it, I have given him daily reminders of his appointment to try and keep it at the front of his mind. His appointment was at 2pm so the plan was for him to go to school stay till lunch and go to the dentist.

That plan went out of the window this morning he had a massive melt down followed by a rage session!! We haven't had both for a while and it was a shock to my system and his I'm sure. This resulted in him missing the entire day a he couldn't calm himself.
His Dad took him for a walk when he returned from dropping the other 2 boys at school and he came back relatively calm. He still didn't want to go to school and was obsessing about the dentist visit so I told him to go and read in his room. It seemed to work and we left a little early for the dentist and took our time getting there.

We were lucky there was no one waiting and we were took straight through, I was relived as sitting around waiting would have made him anxious. We had only been in there 2 minutes before he complained the lights were giving him a head ache. 
I was concerned Logan would need another referral due to the fact one of his teeth had a chunk missing. Part if Logan's Autism includes a condition called Pica which basically means he eats things that are not of nutritive value or usually for consumption! Whilst munching on a stone he lost half of his tooth and I thought it was an adult tooth. 

He sat in the chair and calmly laid back and opened his mouth, like he had been there a hundred times before! The dentist was really pleased with the condition of his teeth and luckily the half a tooth was a baby tooth and not an adult one. She was happy to leave it to fall out naturally as it doesn't seem to cause him any pain. He has to go back in 3 weeks for some fluoride coating and tooth brushing lessons. 

Logan tells me he likes the dentist now and is looking forward to going back next time, what a difference a day makes!!!


  1. Awe bless him!

  2. It sounds like he did really well!
    I don't like the dentist.


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