Monday, 3 February 2014

First Day at Pre School for Cody

Today Cody had his first day at his new pre school, he was attending a local pre school up until before Christmas but a new one opened up at the boys primary school. It made sense to switch school so that all 3 boys are attending the same school to make school run easier. Prior to the switch we had to take Cody to pre school for 8am, put Skye on the bus as 810am and then take the boys at 8.30am. So it all felt a bit hectic, our new schedule means we don't have to leave the house till 8.30 as Cody is doing 9 - 12 every day.

I was a bit apprehensive as to how he would be on his first day as it is a new surrounding and new children. But he loved it, there are 15 other children doing the same days as him and they will all be moving into Nursery together in September so its nice they can forge an early bond.
I stayed with him today and we had some free play first where we enjoyed doing some jigsaws, this made me realise how little time I sit and observe how clever my little boy is, he is such an independent player and doesn't like it when I try and interfere. He quickly and easily did the 12 piece jigsaw in seconds. Next we did some mark making, which is something we love to do at home and he showed everybody how he can do the C and the O in his name.

We then enjoyed a bit of circle time with some milk and fruit, Cody went straight in for the bananas as I knew he would, he loves bananas! He then went outside and I didn't see him for around 20 minutes, I may as well have not been there he was happy left to his own devices with his new friends.
Some of the other children were playing with some frozen corn flour n the tough spot which looked fab and messy, Cody isn't one for getting his hands dirty lol. So he chose to make a fireman's hat instead.

All to soon is was time to go home and we came away happy and looking forward to tomorrow.

I'm really pleased for Cody that he seems to like it but cant help but feel a bit sad, that my last 'baby' is entering the school system and its when they get to this point time seems to fly! They definitely don't stay babies for long!


  1. It happens just like that, whatever you do don't blink!

  2. I was changing my eldest's nappies the other day, now she's in Uni, it really does fly by, still trying to figure out where those 19 years went!

  3. They do seem to take everything in their stride at this age, I hope he make some good friends soon.


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