Monday, 16 December 2013

Smatta - Saving your feet from toys!

I stumbled across the Smatta twitter account whilst having a look round twitter a few weeks ago and was instantly interested. Living in a house that is predominately male means we have a lot of megabloks, lego, army men and lots of other tiny toys, you know the ones that really hurt when you stand on them in the dark!!
Well Smatta can help with this problem, the Smatta Mat is available in 3 sizes small (65cm x 45cm) medum (100cm x 70cm) and large (145cm x 100cm). The mats are available in 3 colours with a choice of coloured trim and prices start at £12.99.
The purpose of Smatta is to be a play mat that doubles as an easy tidy and storage solution.

We were sent a medium sized mat for review and its the perfect size for Logan to use with his Lego and save my feet. I have lost count of the number of times I have stood on a piece of Lego bare foot in his room, in the hall and on the stairs. I'm hoping having a Smatta will make him play with all his Lego in one area!

The thing I love about the Smatta Mat is that you use it a s a play mat but when you have finished there are 2 uses for it.
  1. Close it up on the 2 Velcro edges and use it as a pouring system to put the Lego away
  2. It can also be used as a storage bag, once you have folded and sealed the Velcro there is a handy Velcro tab the close around  the top of the bag and a hanging hook!
The Velcro is really soft and I was dubious as to whether it would hold, once you have joined the edges you just have to run your hand over the top and it seals the Velcro together. Its a really strong bond and it doesn't come apart when you pick up the bag.
We decided to give it a try with Codys Megabloks to and see if how it worked with larger, heavier content and it worked great. There was no issues with the Velcro coming apart and the blocks staying inside.

I hoping to be able to persuade Logan to use the mat all the time with his Lego, he loves to get it all out but hates putting it away and the Smatta Mat will make it less of a chore for him.

You can check out the Smatta Website here or  follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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