Friday, 13 September 2013

Guest Post - Juggling Work and Children

Next up guest posting while I'm away is Carly from Mummy and The Chunks who tells us all about Juggling Work and Children.
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The word juggling suggests that this is fun, on occasions it can be but it is so tiring. You have no need to worry about me making you feel guilty if you are a stay at home mum because everything in my life is about taking shortcuts and I have to say I have a massive amount of respect for SAHM and of course WAHM! I only work 16 hours a week and I work because we can't afford for me not too so I work around my partners hours meaning the kids are with one of us at all times to avoid paying childcare costs for two little ones. This works great for us financially but we now only get Sunday as a family day.
I think working is good for me it gives me a short break each week in which I speak to other adults and get to just get on with what I have to do which is near impossible at home. I then feel refreshed and look forward to the time I get with the children. I try to take them out for walks or a trip to town in the week so they are not stuck inside all the time. As I mentioned before I have my shortcuts that lead to a happy mummy and happy children. We have regular pyjama days where we play crafts or watch DVD's and have indoor picnics. On a Friday when I work half day then come home to the kids I plan a nap for the three of us when I get home meaning we all wake up feeling refreshed and ready to have fun in the afternoon.
One thing I have noticed is my housework suffering! When not at work I keep up to date with my washing and all the rooms are tidied daily to keep on top of it all. Since being back at work I haven't quite managed to get into a routine with the housework. Now that we get just one day a week together we like to spend that doing something fun as a family and ensure that every week we have something planned. This doesn't have to be something expensive from trips to the local country park, theme parks or seaside trips and even family events as long as the kids enjoy themselves that makes us feel like we are not failing them by working so much. 
I like to think that by working part time I'm getting the best of both worlds, I get the social side mixing with different people and I still get to spend a lot more time myself with the kids than I know a lot of parents do. I think that I am managing to balance working and bringing up a family a lot better than I ever expected and hope that it will encourage my children to work for what they've got when they grow up. 
What I would love to know is where do you take your kids for family days out? Or what fun activities do you like to do at home? Would love some inspiration!


  1. It is indeed a huge juggling act. We need some inspiration for different days out too!

  2. I also work about 16 hrs a week and work around my husbands business, so that we can share the childcare. Also for the same reasons as you! We go to the park a lot for a run around. Bike rides, soft play, play dates at friends houses, drive to the park and ride and get the bus to town. We are lucky to have some great parks with all sorts to entertain the kids.

  3. We love trips to feed the ducks, to the local woods to make camps and climb trees. The cheaper the better for us.


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