Thursday, 26 September 2013

Daily Ramblings - Here We Go Again

I got the news I've been dreading but expecting today, Dayton is going to be formally assessed and referred to CAHMS. We initially had concerns about him in Year One as he didn't seem to settle and struggled with attention. He eventually settled and agreed with the school that his behaviours were down to the transition from Reception to Year One. It has become apparent since he went back to school that these issues have again returned.

To be honest I have noticed at home he has no attention span, is always active and the only one still awake when everyone else is asleep. He never listens and I feel like I'm forever calling his name or telling him to do this or not do that.
My Mum recently babysat for all the children for a week whilst I was away on holidays and she noticed his lack of attention and focus.

His big struggle seems to be when it comes to literacy, he hates writing anyway and struggles lots and he gets side tracked easily. At one point this week he had to be sent to another class room to complete his work as he got so distracted he couldn't do it.

After a brief chat with KS1 Senco today (who was his class teacher last year) the school have decoded to go ahead and start observing him in class and make a formal plan for him. He will be referred to our local CAHMS unit and be assessed.
Not for Autism but for ADHD, he fits the criteria to warrant a referral!
So that's were we are, I'm unsure how I feel at the moment.
On one hand I think well I already have 2 with additional needs so what difference will one more make and on the other hand I think with 2 ASD and 1 now being looked at for ADHD what chance does poor Cody have!

Don't get me wrong I love ALL my children regardless of their disabilities, but I just thought Dayton had skipped it and we would have a 'normal' child (whatever normal is) and I feel a bit sad that he to may now have a label attached to him which dictates how people may perceive him.

I suppose only time will tell so bring on the assessments and paperwork!

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  1. Aww, it's good you've decided to get Drayton assessed, but we can't know for sure, until the results come through. :)


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