Thursday, 1 August 2013

Daily Ramblings - Not Such a good day

Not been a fab day today, Logan has been very grumpy and rude most of the day.
Dayton has been intentionally winding him up, I ended up separating them for my own sanity. I did something I wouldn't normally do and I gave Logan my phone and told him to chill out and go watch Youtube(not something I would normally do) upstairs in his room and put Dj in front of my laptop.
It was either that or I wouldn't have made it till the end of the day without turning into a blithering wreck.
Still had a few more incidents from Logan though, hoping hes in a better mood tomorrow.

Skye's been a but unsettled as shes bloated and constipated, she was unsettled at holiday club to. She did have 2 lots of beans and toast for lunch whilst there so hoping she will be relieved soon. Wish she would take the stuff the doctor prescribed but shes wont touch it.

End of the 2nd week tomorrow only 4 to go!


  1. I hope things ease up a bit. We all have to revert to tv's, tablets, phones and game machines. it's part of being a parent

  2. Aww, I hope things have been better since.


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