Friday, 2 August 2013

Daily Ramblings - Making Plans and exciting News

I've spent most of the day today making plans for all our days our coming up, we have 3 coming up

  • Legoland Discovery 13th August 
  • Chester Zoo 19th August
  • Cosatto 10th Birthday 23rd August
  • Sealife Manchester 27th August
We cant just get up in the morning and have a spur of the moment day out, everything we do has to be pre planned and pre passed by Logan. He really struggles socially, so days out are hard for him, plus we have the added nightmare of having to use public transport.
I have fully explained were we are going, I have show him the bus timetables and routes and the websites for all the attractions and he seems excited. The only trip he point blank refuses to go in is the party, but Logan and Skye really don't do parties so I am taking Dayton and Cody to Cosatto and know they will love it.

I had some good news today and am one step closer to moving near the sea. I applied for a bidding number with fylde housing and it came today. I have always wanted to live near the coast and after some weekends away in St Annes myself and David fell in love with the place. We currently live in a house owned by our local housing association and I have been able to register for a transfer with Fylde Homechoice as we have a family connection. MY sister and Uncle both live in the Fylde area, we are only in band F but the fact we got in is good enough for me.
The areas I want to live in are highly sought after so I know I will have a wait on my hands. We don't just want to move for a new house, we want a complete lifestyle change. There is nothing in our local area and its really not a nice place to live anymore. I have lived here since I was 7 and it was such a nicer place then, I used to go to my friends in my teens and think nothing of walking through the woods on the way home, I wouldn't dream of doing that now its just not safe.

St Annes has a total different feel to it, people actually say hello when you walk down the street, there isn't over flowing rubbish bins, there are beautiful flower beds which actually still have flowers in that haven't been pulled out by local yobs! Even the teenagers out on the street we encountered there were polite.  I know the realities of living somewhere you like to visit aren't always the same, but all I can see is the quality of life the children would have, lots of outdoor space, a beach, quiet town centre. Even on a day where it was well in the 80's the beach was busy but there was still plenty of space so you weren't on top of each other and could set up your own little space.
It may be a couple of years yet, but I am very excited at the prospect of doing what I always dreamt of.


  1. im so happy that im going to have my big sis near me and my bro inlaw and my niece and nephews who i love all the world xx

  2. Hope you enjoy all your outings over next few weeks, well hopefully see you at Legoland. Living in the Fylde will be lovely. My parents own a shop in Ansdell, so ive had connections with the area for most of my life. My parents want to move over there too, from Leyland but are waiting for my brother to leave home first! X

    1. Id would love St Annes ultimately but we are looking at Ansdell and Lytham to as there not far.

  3. That is great. My Uncle is looking at moving over there. We just went to the Sealife Centre and I got the attendant to let us sneak through the schools room to bypass the show you have to watch when you first walk in. After all the queueing our 3.5yo with autism was close to meltdown! The aquarium was good, we just have to keep moving!

  4. Looks brilliant, have fun.


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