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Review - Snapsterprint

Snapsterprint are an on line store who specialise in a range of personalised products including personalised party productspersonalised hoodies and even personalised I Phone cases.
With Skye's birthday party approaching I decided to contact them and see if we could review some of their personalised party products for her party. I was delighted when they said yes and was told we could review some mini banners, posters and party invites. They also offered me a personalised mug, I have a house full of mugs from mothers day, birthdays and Christmas so I very cheekily asked if I could change it for a personalised water bottle for Logan instead. Snapster were very accommodating to our request and agreed, Logan was very pleased as he likes to have things that are his own.

I found the order process really simple, I headed to the snap party area of the website and had a browse of the 18 different available categories. As I was planning a 5 year old party I went into the tots area and found there were 8 themes to choose from, I chose the cupcake theme as it was really bright and colourful.

Once you pick your theme it gives you the option of what you want to make, you can choose from

  • Snap banner choice of paper or PVC and choice of size from £19.99
  • Mini banner pack of 20 for only £3.95
  • Snap poster choice of 5 sizes from only £3.95
  • Snap invite pack of 15 for only £4.99

I chose the A4 design poster as they come in packs of 20 so are ideal for popping up all over the house, we use quite a few rooms for our party's and I like all of them to look nice so a 20 pack served us well. The design process is really simple you choose a picture and add the text. The first picture I chose wasn't good enough quality and it came up with a warning telling me it wouldn't look good but I could carry on if I wanted.
I tried as best I could to match the text font and colour to the pre printed words and I think I did a pretty good job. You can change the font, size, colour and position of your text to get it to fit perfectly within the poster format.

Next I chose the mini banners, exactly the same design  and editing format and in a pack of 20 . For the price really wasn't expecting much in the way of quality and was stunned and the thickness of the paper used and the finish on the product. They have a real high shine gloss finish to them, for £3.95 for 20 that's less than 19p per banner.

Skye's party had already been planned so we didn't really need invites. But as you are completely free to personalised them as much as you want I turned them into Thank You notes to put in the party bags instead. They added a lovely personal touch to the bags and we have received a lot of compliments on them saying what a good idea they were.

I was really pleased with the personalised touch they brought to Skye's 5th Birthday party and everyone commented on how lovely they looked.

I would like to send a personal thank you to Snapsterprint for personally
hand delivering these products to me. They were ordered on the Wednesday and Skye's party was the Saturday. I was assured they would
be with me on time. Friday there was a knock on my door and they were
hand delivered by non other than the owner himself. Hows that for service.

Snapster also sent us a personalised water bottle for my son to try, he has autism and is very funny about hygiene and using the same things people have used before he has. He's got a bit of a thing for other peoples germs!
So the personalised water bottle he got is perfect. He loved helping to make it and choosing which picture to add to it and what type of text he wanted on it. The process is that simple that a child can do it themselves as Logan did.
I was so pleased with the result as was Logan he cant wait till school starts again so he can show it to all his friends. For a personalised bottle there really well priced at £6.59 and are available in white or silver. It also comes with 2 different lids a sports style pull top and a normal screw lid.

If you are planning any type of celebration or are looking for any personalised items I would thoroughly recommend Snapsterprint for a speedy and quality service. They do a full range including Halloween, Christmas and Valentines Day designs. I've now got my eye on the Snapbag as they look perfect for the boys P.E kits for when they go back to school, they definitely wont get mixed up if they have there faces on the bag.

You can follow Snapsterprint on Facebook and Twitter and enter their weekly contest to win a t shirt

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