Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Daily Ramblings - Sore Hands

I'm ending today with 2 big blisters on my finger and a red raw palm!
All thanks to my latest flat pack mission.
I so wish furniture came pre made and not flat packed!

I had finally finished after an hour and a half building and was attaching the ladder, connected the bottom with the screws and moved to the top to fasten them............ No screw holes! I looked down and saw the holes were in the base support I had put on the bottom bunk! OH BUGGER
So I had to practically dismantle it to swap them over.
I finished the job at 8.30pm, 8 hours after I started.
Never Again

The Finished Product

I didn't manage to get Logan to come clothes shopping this morning, as expected. So me and Dayton went along on our own and I somehow ended up spending £12 on a big box of plastic crap that will probably be broke by the end of the week. But Dayton's little face when I said he could have it was priceless. He is such a caring boy and puts up with an awful lot being the brother of 2 asd siblings. He loves any one on one time even if it is clothes shopping. I manged to pick up some bargain T shirts off the Asda sale for only £2 each for the boys. We stopped in for some breakfast on the way home for some breakfast, well I say breakfast all he wanted was an Iced Bun!!


  1. I generally find flat-pack a nightmare.

  2. I'm minded to avoid flat-pack when I get a new bed.


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