Christmas Lights from LedHut


We love Christmas in our house its a perfect time, no school, family, fun, laughter and lots of twinkling lights. Everyone love Christmas lights, walking down the street at night and seeing everyone's lights twinkling in their windows. We already have a variety of different lights and the LedHut … [Continue reading]

Keeping fit at home with Hire Fitness


As a Mum of 4 children life can be hectic to say the least, once you factor in a few school runs, laundry, housework and running a blog, going to the gym falls right down to the bottom of the list. To be honest by the time I do have time to think about going near a gym I then think about having to … [Continue reading]

Trying Dentyl Active


I'm lucky to have a nice set of teeth, its the one thing I get regularly complimented on, but they only look as good as they do as my Mum drummed into … [Continue reading]

Amazon Gift Haul!


I hate shopping in ALL forms, my food shopping is delivered to my door every week, I bulk buy so we never run out mid week. Birthday, clothing and … [Continue reading]

Diary of an Autism Mum – 20/11/2014

With one thing or another I realised I hadn't done a vlog or even a normal post for a while, so here is a little update for you :) … [Continue reading]

#LifeWithASDis2 – #Giveaway50


We recently reviewed a 5 pack of Funky Giraffe bibs on the blog and little Molly loved them, 3 weeks and lots of washes later they are still going … [Continue reading]

#LifeWithASDis2 – #Giveaway49


At Mustard, they believe their products speak for themselves, that looking around the web site, and soaking up all the creative niceness is the best … [Continue reading]

#LifeWithASDis2 – #Giveaway48

10712887_745798958790586_8767542294208960829_n offers hot delicious food delivered straight to your door from the comfort of your sofa! The site is really easy to use, just input your … [Continue reading]

#LifeWithASDis2 – #Giveaway47


Doctor Brown's deluxe feeding set has all the equipment an expectant mum needs The patented Natural Flow internal vent of the Dr Brown's Natural … [Continue reading]

#LifeWithASDis2 – #Giveaway46

HLS logo_hi res

Are you ready to start a habit that will last a lifetime your little one? If so, we’ve got just the prize for you. HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® is … [Continue reading]